Life Chain – This Sunday 2 to 3 at Glenwoods

This coming Sunday, October 4,  we have an opportunity to make a difference. Each year in Canada over 100.000 abortions occur. That means 100,000 women had to face a heart breaking decision . Perhaps they were being pressured by their partner or family. Maybe they faced economic challenges. The tragedy is that many felt alone. This must change.  In the name of justice for both these women and their preborn children, please come to witness for life. There are people and organizations that care and will help. Life Chain is a way to witness to life while offering constructive, practical assistance to distressed women. Please heed Our Lord’s request similar to the night of His agony to spend one hour in silent prayer . We will be meeting at the corner of the Queensway South and Glenwoods from 2-3.

Look forward to seeing you stand up for Justice in a peaceful , prayerful way.


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