Prayer Request for Daniel

Kim Bingham asked me to send out the following prayer request:

As many of you know, my nephew Daniel has been battling cancer for just over 2 years now. He has endured a leg amputation, 9 months of chemotherapy and double lung surgery this past September where parts of both lungs were removed.  Through all of this Daniel has always maintained a very joyful heart.

Daniel was told yesterday his cancer has returned again. This was obviously a devastating blow. They have found  a tumour in his hip bone and another small spot on his lungs.  Decisions on treatment will be decided in the next few days. The main focus right now is pain management, which has been difficult.

I am turning to my prayerful friends and ask once again for you to please pray for Daniel, my sister Jackie and Daniel’s sister Samantha, as they face this new battle.

I am forever grateful for the love and concern shown to my family during these past 2 years.

May our most merciful Lord graciously bless you all,

Kim Bingham

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